Bronx – Transitions by NIK DPRED

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Bronx - Transitions by NIK DPRED 1


BRONX series is a set of 3 FCPX Plugins packs. There are Bronx – Effects, Bronx – Transitions, and the Bronx – Titles packs. All of them are present on MotionArray in corresponding sections of the site. Combining these customizable plugins in your FCPX project allows achieving a very stylish old-school video effect suitable for music videos, blogging, and even slideshows created from the scratch with no additional plugins needed.
This BRONX – TRANSITIONS pack is the second most important part of the whole BRONX set. These transitions will make your video looks even more smooth and stylish without losing this old-school street atmosphere.

Hỗ trợ: FCP 10.5.1 trở lên, FULL HD



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