Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg

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Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 1

The 606 Collection boasts a comprehensive color palette that is designed for customization. This LUT collection was created with creators in mind—a diverse collection where each LUT can function as a unique look… or the perfect place to start customizing your own personal style. Cinematic color or true to life—you decide.


Avondale was created to be an approachable LUT for every filmmaker who wants to explore the colors they see on the big screen. Reduced highlights, but with a golden glow that makes them feel both modern and nostalgic. Warm and reminiscent of Wes Anderson—this grade is inspired by the colors you see in your mind’s eye.

Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 2

North Park

If Avondale is Wes Anderson, North Park is Ozark. With cooler, flatter highlights, this LUT is inspired by the opposite palette than the former. Drawing inspiration from teal/orange—North Park create a dynamic, approachable palette that still pushes the boundaries and inspires creativity.

Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 3


Ravenswood is a nod to classic 35mm film stocks—with authentic skin tones that lead with warm (much like a classic Portra 400), rich, vibrant colors; and a perfectly blended set of contrast. This look is meant to give you the colors you want—or give you the perfect base layer to dive deeper.

Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 4


While still being true to life, Belmont is more of a “vibe.”  With less intense greens than Ravenswood and reduced saturation, this LUT will give you a cinematic look with colors that seem to glide together. In this look, the red hues and skin tones tend to lean more towards magenta. Great for both indoor and outdoor environments, Belmont offers controlled, balanced saturation for any environment.

Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 5


Everyone needs a good, clean black & white LUT— and this is it. Good for any scenario, and inspired by B&W film, Montrose has just the right amount of contrast to create visual theatre, and draw your audience in.

Gamut 606 LUTs by Eric Floberg 6



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