Gym and Bodybuilding for Final Cut Pro X – VH 22702890

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Gym and Bodybuilding for Final Cut Pro X - VH 22702890 1

Gym and Bodybuilding for Final Cut Pro X

The template is ideal for creating fitness videos, training courses or and bodybuilding training programs, YouTube videos focused on exercise, workouts and healthy lifestyle. A stylized representation of human body allows to a fitness trainer to highlight various human muscles for front and back, so the viewer/student can better understand the effects the fitness or bodybuilding exercise has over each muscle. 18 muscles can be selected for the front of the body and 19 muscles for the back, also individual or multiple muscles can be selected at the same time for each side. For example if the video is about a complete workout for the abs the Rectus Abdominis and/or External Oblique muscles can be selected to highlight what exercise is suitable for each muscle group. All the elements included with this template can be easily edited in Final Cut Pro X’s timeline.

The template is compatible with both Intel and the new Apple Silicon M1 Macs.On the project.

  • gym and fitness graphics
  • male and female included
  • easy to edit in Final Cut Pro X
  • variable length
  • In/Out animations
  • 4K resizable resolution
  • all colors are editable
  • video tutorials included
  • compatible with Final Cut X 10.5 or later



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