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About: Cinematic Color grading LUTs pack for Photos and Videos

Quickly create an amazing Cinematic hollywood film grade using these LUTs with only few clicks. Color grading LUTs designed to create beautiful, Cinematic hollywood style film tones for your photos & videos. Each LUTs has been crafted to look great with a wide variety of images & videos. In many instances you will be able to get a great result in an instant. However, you can always make adjustments, increase/decrease intensity, adjust contrast etc. to suit individual photos & video clips. Professional results.


Watch this video to learn how to use luts in photos or videos https://youtu.be/2bkW8q84TE0?t=11

What you Get:

8 .CUBE LUT files
8 .3DL LUT files
You can watch the video to see how you can use these LUTs in Photoshop as well as Premiere Pro. LUTs greatly work with most of the video editing programs such as Final Cut, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve etc.

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Hollywood LUTs pack 8

Demo: https://creativemarket.com/navpreetvisuals/4965991-Hollywood-LUTs-pack

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i4xAsL-_5eTC0OoIWbaNM_Ja1k-xMuOO/view?usp=sharing

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