FILM Pipeline

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FILM Pipeline 1

The Beauty of Film / The Dynamic Range of Modern Sensors.

Precision Film Emulation

In an ACES Pipeline

Grade Once – Render any Delivery

56 Film Profile LUTs ( ACEScct IN & OUT )

25 Special Process LUTs ( Pushed, Pulled, Flashed, Silver Retained, X-Process, etc. )

PIPELINE is a collection of some of the finest Film Profiles in post production. The pixel perfect Film Response LUTs live inside the massive ACEScct AP1 working space.

The result is a painterly image flawlessly mastered.

Deliverables for Theatrical, Television, Commercial, Netflix, Amazon, Music Video, Web, et cetera, can all be output from one grade.

Change the output mapping to your delivery spec and render.

Film Profiles Included:

Agfa Portrait XPS 160

Agfa Precisa Xp

Agfa Vista

Fuji 3510

Fuji 3513

Fuji 3514

Fuji 3521

Fuji 3521-2

Fuji 3523

Fuji 8522

Fuji 8532

Fuji 8543

Fuji 8553

Fuji 8563

Fuji 8573

Fuji 8583

Fuji 8592

Fuji Astia

Fuji Fortia

Fuji Instant FP Neg

Fuji Instant FP

Fuji Neopan BW

Fuji Provia 100F

Fuji Provia Xp

Fuji Sensia Xp

Fuji Velvia

Ilford BW

Kodak 2383

Kodak 2383-2

Kodak 2393

Kodak 2393-2

Kodak 2395

Kodak 5205

Kodak 5219

Kodak 5229

Kodak E100G

Kodak E100VS

Kodak E100VS Xp

Kodak Ektachrome

Kodak Ektar

Kodak Gold

Kodak Portra 160

Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra 800

Kodak Tri-X BW

Universal 1

Universal 2

Universal 3

Universal 4

Universal 5

Universal 6

Polaroid 70

Polaroid 665 BW

Polaroid 669

Polaroid 680

Polaroid 690



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